IOT Platform

MYNXG is offering a full IoT Stack solution of all needed hardware and software elements. We support our customers to create true benefits. Our proven elements allow us to create fastest implementations, best value for money and best in class security.

Our MYNXG solution is offering four layers:

  • Transformation present & manage;
  • Services store & process;
  • Gateway connect & capture;
  • Devices sense & act.

The Key Benefits for the user are:

  • Proven Technology Elements are used to create additional user specific solutions.
  • MYNXG is designed to add easily further elements.
  • Tailored Solutions are created through new or adapted user scenarios.
  • Customer Satisfaction means to create solutions that provide maximum benefits.


mynxg system


TRANSFORMATION (Present & Manage)


Transformation offers user interfaces and interaction. User interfaces on tablets and smartphones provide easy access towards the solutions. MyOmega offers products and solutions which can be tailored to your specific business. We offer SAP HANA and Microsoft Azure based solutions.


MYNXG offers existing solutions with the following user scenarios:



Smart Edge

Tank Digitalization



Make Your Logistics Smart




Make Your Product Smart

Food Containers



Make Your Transport Smart 




Make Your Product Smart



Connected Shop Floor















SERVICES (Store & Process)


MYNXG offers best in class Thing Management to control gateways, sensors, actuators and machines. Via remote Mobile Management we offer Over-the-Air software management and full worldwide control of your solutions. Data are managed End-to-End secure, customer and account specific. We offer our service layer via Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA cloud solutions.





GATEWAY (Connect & Capture)


Gateway d3




Read More About d3   




DEVICES (Sense & Act)




MYNXG provides performant sensors and actuators. Our sensors utilize wireless US-patented technologies and offer best in class performance. MYNXG sensors are optimized for industrial robustness and utilize high volume components to create value for money.




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