IOT Platform

MYNXG is offering a full IoT Stack solution of all needed hardware and software elements. We support our customers to create true benefits. Our proven elements allow us to create fastest implementations, best value for money and best in class security.

Our MYNXG solution is partitioned into elements that are mapped towards the layers:

  • Transformation present & manage;
  • Services store & process;
  • Gateway connect & capture;
  • Devices sense & act.

The Key Benefits for the user are:

  • Proven Technology Elements are used to create additional user specific solutions.
  • MYNXG is designed to add easily further elements.
  • User Scenarios are realizing minimum viable applications for the end user.
  • Tailored Solutions are created through new or adapted user scenarios.
  • Customer Satisfaction means to create solutions that provide maximum benefits.



So, let us explain the individual layers


TRANSFORMATION (Present & Manage)


The Layer offers user interfaces and interaction. User interfaces on Tablet and Mobile Phones provide easy access towards the implemented services. We offer the ability to easily create IoT Business Processes by modeling User Scenarios. Besides Pre-Defined User Scenarios, MyOmega has developed the capability to create Customer-Specific User Scenarios. We offer furthermore the Integration options towards market leaders for Enterprise SAP (SAP HANA) and Production.


MYNXG offers existing solutions with the following user scenarios:


  • Machinery monitoring, link your SPS controlled machines to the cloud. Supervise your machines in terms of utilization, status, maintenance, performance and optimize your operation.
  • Shop Floor monitoring, collect data out of electrical cabinets, monitor your shop floors, control your energy consumption, monitor your operation and optimize efficiency.
  • Make Your Product Smart (TracoSense M2M), link your products in the field with the cloud. Monitor your products and link the user, 3rd party retail and service teams and your own operation. Ensure better usage and customer interaction during the entire lifetime. Read More...
  • Make Your Vineyard Smart (TracoVino), the outdoor sensor platforms installed in the vineyard measures the soil temperature & humidity, the air temperature & humidity and the light radiation. The distance between the sensor platform and the gateway can be up to 3 km. The MYNXG Gateway submits data to the cloud. Analyse your vineyard conditions anytime & anywhere. Read More...


SERVICES (Store & Process)


MYNXG provides the best in class technology to control the Gateway and the Device layer. We offer the fully remote management of data, the administration of accounts and users. The maintenance of the system includes Over the Air SW updates and the analysis of the communication between the Gateway and the Devices. Service provisioning of devices and the high performing End 2 End security protection complete the offering. We host MYNXG inside the cloud and utilize mobile cellular networks to offer best in class services.


GATEWAY (Connect & Capture)


MYNXG provides a highly performant operating system that can be implemented into nearby any INTEL ATOM and or ARM-based CPU. We developed MYNXG on Intel ATOM technology. The OS is based on LINUX and ANDROID. We hardened the existing SW through mechanism to provide:

  • Android 6.0 API (Application Interfaces) enriched by easy understandable functions to allow any programmer access to manage processing, communication and security.
  • Processing provides functions like image processing, algorithms to recognize patterns, to filter and process information, to analyze data and to access to data bases.
  • Communication Protocols via LTE, 2x WI-FI, 2 x LAN, 6x Capillary Networks.
  • Security signing of each code element and GBA (Generic Bootstrap Architecture) protection.
  • Industry Robustness by self-repairing mechanisms that protect the SW against crashes, remote management, re-boot procedures and advanced logging capabilities to secure operation.

The entire OS has been developed by utilizing Open OS solutions of Google Android and LINUX as starting point. We developed the GBA solution clients for Ericsson AB and extended the functions with On-Behalf GBA to enable the easy integration of devices.


DEVICES (Sense & Act)


MYNXG provides in addition a highly performant operating system for devices like sensors and actuators. This solution is optimized for small processing capabilities and offers a solution that is designed for low cost and low performance CPUs.

  • Secure Processing and Handling of Protocols for capillary Devices like sensors.
  • Security by providing an intelligent key management GBA (Generic Bootstrap Architecture).
  • Industry Robustness self-repairing mechanisms and Over-The-Air (OTA) SW download.
  • Low Power Mechanisms that allow standby times for many years.
  • Image Processing and Data Handling for sensors and actuators.


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