MYNXG i2 Controller - Your Gateway for Industry 4.0!

MYNXG Controller is more than just a gateway, it’s the core of your Industrial IoT and links your machines into a comprehensive Internet of Things ecosystem. The MYNXG Controller aggregates data, controls devices and manages processes. Data are processed inside the Controller through its high performing IntelTM based processors. The hardware is designed robust and reliable for the industrial usage. The MYNXG controller is supporting LTE, WIFI and capillary networks. It can be easily adapted to the needs of your business and can host your applications. The MYNXG Controller comes with a rich software solution provided through high performing application interfaces.


MYNXG IC2 Key Benefits

MYNXG i2 CTRL  is a high performance, multi communication and secure Gateway.

MYNXG i2 CTRL  supports LTE (3GPP Modem) 2x WI-FI, 2x LAN and up to 6 Capillary Networks.

MYNXG i2 CTRL  is designed for up to 1000 Mbps of traffic. Congestion-free Routing, “infinite” sensors.

MYNXG i2 CTRL  supports image processing, predictive tools & advanced data aggregation.

MYNXG i2 CTRL  offers AndroidTM APIs with hardened Linux Kernels for highest performance.



MYNXG i2 CTRL  is based on Intel® AtomTM Quad Core Processor.

MYNXG i2 CTRL  for true industrial usage in IP 53 housing.

MYNXG i2 CTRL  provides zero noise emission by passive cooling.  

Open System through published APIs and Extension Cards.



mynxg ctrl 

MYNXG Controller i2

MYNXG i2 CTRL comes ready for the installation, preconfigured  with plug and play service solutions.

MYNXG i2 CTRL is supported by a comprehensive and secure IoT remote service offering.

MYNXG i2 CTRL embeds your machines and devices into a highly innovative IoT architecture.

MYNXG i2 CTRL provides a maximum of flexibility and openness to fit your needs.




SW Features

Pre-Integrated User Scenarios.

MYNXG Middleware with preconfigured routing.

AndroidTM framework easy to program.

End 2 End Security based on Generic Bootstrapping

Architecture (GBA, Delegated, On Behalf).

High performance protocol stacks.






HW Features

Intel® AtomQuad-Core APP CPU@ 1.8 GHz.

Intel® 7160 LTE Modem.

2x LAN for PROFINET™ support.

2x WIFI for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support.

6x Capillary Network Extension Cards (Plug & Play).

IP 53 Housing: 200mm(H)*230mm(W)*40mm(D).

Metal Housing with ESA fixtures for wall installations.

Easy to install through Power over Ethernet.





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