MYNXG® TracoBin - Datasheet

The TracoBin® sensor is specialized for automatic fill level recognition. It is designed for the usage in bins. Four sizes of Würth® bins are available. The sensor takes the image and transfers via ISM Band to the gateway. At the gateway the image is analyzed and the fill level is detected.




Key Benefits 


  • Electronic inventory at any time.
  • Operation time of 4 years.
  • Detects fill level under all light conditions.
  • Full remote SW management via gateways.

tracoBin datasheet










Product Number 


TracoBin EU 111 201
TracoBin US 112 201



Supply Battery 3,6V
IP Class IP20
Temperature Range -20 C…+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 100 x 35 x 18 mm



Wireless Interfaces 


Capillary ISM Band 868 MHz
Capillary Range Indoor 100m



Digital Sensors on Board 


Camera Omivision, Still Image
Data format QVGA, VGA
Wide Area Lens JSD 4011



System Features 


Bins BINs W-KLT 2.0® in 4 Sizes
Gateway d3 2000 Bins
Gateway i2 6000 Bins



SW Functions 


Services & Updates Over-the-Air
Security Trusted Platfom Module (TPM)
Capillary Protocoll CoAPS, TPM secured
Installation Self registration
Rooming Between multiple gatways
Operation Time Battery up to 48 months









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