Connected Shop Floor

To monitor a shop floor with MYNXG® is easy. We provide a retrofit solution that does not require any heavy investments into machines and machine data analytics. Four gateways provide the anchors for the wireless indoor positioning system. For each asset to be monitored one wireless TracoMat sensor is used. The sensors are assembled towards grippers, at the end of arm robotics or at your CNC centers. The shop floor operation is monitored wireless. Dashboards provide insights like utilization, operation stand and preparation times….





  • Real Time Localization Services (RTLS) with high precision.
  • Monitoring of production lines, robotics, CNC turning & milling and any kind of operation.
  • Shop floor dashboards provide machinery insights like utilization and all related KPIs.
  • Inside production provides you with the true machinery data and conditions in real time.



Key Benefits 


  • Identification of each asset with /
  • Get data of operation stand and preparation times.
  • Reduce correction loops through data direct from the machine.
  • MYNXG gateway d3 Smart Edge gateways provide all needed infrastructure.
  • Wireless sensors with best in class security, easy to install are mounted per monitored asset.




shop floor monitoring

Products Utilized 


Transformation MYNXG Real Time Localization Services and Shop Floor Dashboards
Services MYNXG Service Cloud Microsoft Azure or SAP Hana as a Service
Gateways Four MYNXG d3 Gateways with d3.1 RTLS Option
Sensor TracoMat including RTLS Indoor Positioning, Movement and Acceleration





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