Smart Logistics

The most critical step in the Logistic Chain is the recognition that a part must be re-ordered. The entire production is always dependent that all parts are available. Very often the small standard components are the most critical ones. To address this challenge, companies use a KanBan Solution.


The MYNXG® TracoBin® smart Logistic sets new benchmarks for the producing industry. The solution is designed for the daily logistic usage, simplicity of the interaction has been the guiding design principle.





  • Automatic Re-Ordering of the parts.
  • Portfolio Maintenance, adding or removing parts.
  • Electronic Inventory, recognition of order levels.
  • Supplier Process, adding and finding the best supplier.



Key Benefits 


  • You can utilize any existing Industrial Shelf.
  • TracoBin® , the Gateway d3 and the entire SW components are self-installing plug and play.
  • Easy integration with your existing ERP based supply processes.
  • You never miss C-Parts for the production anymore.
  • Know your inventory anytime and reduce handling and operational cost.




smart logistics

Products Utilized 


Transformation MYNXG TracoBin SW as a Service
Services MYNXG Service Cloud Microsoft Azure or SAP HANA
Gateways MYNXG Gateway d3 for up to 2000 Bins
Sensor TracoBin
Bin BINs W-KLT 2.0® in 4 Sizes availible





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