Connected Transport

The transport of goods often is the blind spot of the whole logistics process. Usually you don’t have the control of the location and condition of your goods during the transport. MYNXG® TracoTransport supervise and monitor goods during transport. Add to your “Just in Time Logistic” the possibility to act on events that may cause damage to your goods during transportation.





  • The sensors are paired within the commissioning areas with the goods and transport boxes.
  • TracoTransport registers automatically at gateways and tablets.
  • TracoTransport is an intelligent sensor including gyro, magnetic , tilting, humidity, temperature, air pressure and ambient light sensor elements which identify movements and risks during transport and send automatically alarms.
  • Preventive actions are triggered in case the manufacturing “pearl necklace” is affected.



Key Benefits 


  • Detect events and monitor environmental conditions for the goods in real time.
  • Identify risks during transport and ensure your “Just in Time” value chain works.
  • Gain time for corrective measures and allow your logistic management to act pro-actively.




smart transport

Products Utilized 


Transformation MYNXG Transport SW as a Service
Services MYNXG Service Cloud Microsoft Azure or SAP HANA
Gateways MYNXG Gateway d3 to control bulks of Sensors
Sensors TracoTransport, TracoSense M2M
Tablets Any kind of Android tablet, we recommend Lenovo Yoga





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