MYNXG Extension Card EC 1 - Your Bridge to IoT!

The MYNXG Extension Card enables the collection of your data through a multitude of standards and configurations. It creates a secure bridge between the MYNXG Controller and the sensors and machines. This enables new ways of wireless business intelligence from any place to your MYNXG Controller.  Your data is aggregated and pre-processed by the MYNXG Controller. The MYNXG IoT architecture will present the data and will create a meaningful decision basis out of your data. MyOmega will publish towards the MYNXG licensee’s community the full documentation to enable free creation of further extension cards.



MYNXG EC 1 Key Benefits




MYNXG EC 1 provides a high-performance link between the MYNXG Controller and sensors & machines.

MYNXG EC 1 command sets and interfaces are open and will be adaptable to the users needs.

MYNXG EC 1 collects and transmits data securely from as far as 3km (outdoors).

MYNXG EC1 utilizes the USB interface — Plug & Play.

mynxg EC5 

MYNXG EC 1 Offering

MYNXG EC 1 is provided as stand-alone product or with the MYNXG Controller.

MYNXG EC 1 full performance will be made available with MYNXG SW.

MYNXG EC 1 is controlled via the USB interface and with a set of 30 commands.





SW Features

Physical layer according EEE 802.15.4

Protocol layer according to 6LoWPAN IETF.

CoAP LWM2M command set with 30 commands.

IPv 6 standard compliant addressing.

Security via Generic Bootstrap Architecture.

SW Features




HW Features

TI* Processor & Transceiver CC 2538 for 2.4 GHZ.

Transceiver Chip CC1200 for 868 Mhz & 915 MHz.

Power Booster CC 1190 for 27 dBm power.

Bitrates of up to 50kbps supported.

Size: 50mm(L)*30mm(W)*10mm(H).

Extension card shown without shieldings.




mynxg EC4


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