MYNXG® Gateway d3 - Datasheet

The MYNXG Gateway d3 is easy to install in any electrical cabinet. The d3 is optimized for machinery and shop floor monitoring. It is the smart edge computing solution. Through its rich wired and wireless inter-faces it can be integrated in any industrial environment. It is powered with the MYNXG Gateway OS com-bining the benefits of Android® and Linux® environments.




Key Benefits 


  • Smart Edge Computing with Android® Applications and Android Software Development Kit.
  • Easy to program through rich API.
  • Service Layer links the Gateways to the cloud.
  • Data Model with Secret and Value Data.
  • Real time Localization Services.
  • Heartbeat Technology® (by Endress + Hauser) to integrate industrial sensors easily.
 d3 datasheet
 d3 datasheet 2












Product Number 


Gateway d3 EU 151 101
Gateway d3 US 152 101



Supply 24 V DC
Connectors DC jack and clamp
Assembly DIN Rail
IP Class IP20
Temperature Range -20°C...+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 145 x 125 x 56 mm



Edge Computing 


Applications Android®
Operating System MYNXG Android and Linux
Processing Intel Atom 3815
Storage 4 GB Flash
Memory 2 GB RAM



Wireless Interfaces 


Mobile LTE, 3G, GSM
WiFi 802.11n
WiFi Hotspot/Client Mode
Capillary ISM Band 868 MHz



Wired Interfaces 


LAN 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
LAN Protocols Profinet / Siemens S7
LAN Protocols Modbus
Serial Interfaces RS232 / RS485
USB Interface USB2.0, Multi Host
Voltage 0-10 V 2 x 4 Clamps incl. supply
Current 4-20 mA 4 x 4 Clamps incl. supply
Digital I²C Interface 1 x 4 Clamps incl. supply
Monitor DisplayPort









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