MyOmega introducing the MYNXG IoT Gateway with Ericsson at MWC 2015

MyOmega is introducing MYNXG the IoT Eco system for the Industry 4.0 at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. We are proud to present full End 2 End Security from sensors to the cloud with Ericsson as part of the Ericsson Security Solutions. The following press release was published by Ericsson on March 2nd 2015. 


“The Ericsson IoT Security Services for Capillary Networks is the world first GBA bootstrapping over LTE network on a commercial IoT gateway. This solution implements mobile network based General Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) technology over LTE with commercial grade nodes provided by Ericsson Device Connection Platform, Ericsson’s Authentication Federation Gateway (AFG) and the MYNXG IoT gateway from German company MyOmega. With the Ericsson IoT Security Services model, our customers can now effectively and securely manage millions of SIM and non-SIM devices and explore new revenue streams from M2M and IoT digital services, coming from smart projects in industries such as Transportation, Energy and mHealth.”









The full text of the announcement is available at:


MyOmega System Technologies,


March 4th 2015.